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Netki cover

Netki is a provider of tools to foster the adoption of blockchain technology from Los Angeles, United States.

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Moodings cover

Moodings is an e-commerce website from Copenhagen, Denmark. By curating upcoming and established design and art, they help designers and artists compete on the market.

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Han Han Xue cover

Han Han Xue is a Designer and FX Technical Director from Montreal, Canada.

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Contiamo cover

Contiamo is a company that uses machine learning and AI to drive better decision making and process optimization.

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Irina and Matej cover

Irina and Matej are wedding and portrait photographers based in Croatia and traveling the world.

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Franciscan Children's cover

Franciscan Children’s is an integral part of Boston’s pediatric medical ecosystem, and they are serving children and adolescents with complex medical, mental health and educational needs.

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Atika Interijeri cover

Atika Interijeri is a carpentry company specialized for creating all kinds of custom furniture.

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Marcijus Weddings cover

Marcijuš weddings are wedding photographers who love spontaneity, creative focus, black and white photography.

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Born In June cover

Lara is born in June, and she is a passionate traveler, biologist, and wedding photographer.

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